Living in a new country

Moving to a new country is very exciting, each culture is different, the people, the food and sometimes even the language, you can see these differences just crossing the Öresund Bridge while moving from Denmark to Sweden. I moved last December from Denmark to Sweden, I was pretty excited to meet new people, make new friends and learn new things. Back in Denmark, I had many friends and for that reason I was a little bit worried about our moving to Sweden, but after some weeks in Sweden I got even more friends.

I am originally from Colombia, an amazing country in South America, 6 years ago due to my mom’s job, we moved to Germany. After being 3 years in Germany, we moved to Denmark and at the end of last year finally to Sweden. Every country was different to move to and very special at the same time. I think that when you visit a country you see it differently that when you live in it, being a “local” allows you to experiment differently the places, people and culture.

The first day of school in Sweden went really well, I got to meet a lot of different people. I am studying in an international school and therefore my friends and classmates are from all over the world. In our class there are around 30 people, although in most of the classes we are split into two groups. On the first day of school we introduced ourselves and also talked with our classmates. The few next weeks I had already gotten some friends.

Moving around is challenging but also it is nice to meet so many nice people and experience the different life in each country.

Nowadays I have a lot of friends, usually on the weekends we go somewhere. Every Saturday I have dancing classes, they are in Swedish but I can still understand some of it and also I can improve my Swedish skills. My Swedish has improved during these months, nowadays I can have a conversation in Swedish and I can also describe others and myself. So far I have liked living here in Sweden.

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